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Do you have a God story that will encourage others to live victoriously in these last days?  If so, I want to invite you to share your story with me.  If your story fits the criteria for this blog, I will be thrilled to post it here so you can share the link with your friends and family!  Here’s the scoop!

The Testimony Stories Blog:  In the last days we will see demonstrations of power, signs in the heavens, martyrs, and miracles. 

Most of the time these demonstrations of power occur around people who feed the hungry, take in the stranger, clothe the poor, visit the sick, and minister to the prisoner, orphan, and/or widow (Matthew 25:34-36).  Today people often call these testimonies “God Stories.” If you have a testimony that includes a demonstration of God’s power as cited above, we may want to include it here in our Testimony Stories blog. (If you wish to submit a book manuscript to my publishing company, please send me a blog first!) Blog testimonies should be 500 words or less.  Pictures are important and blogs that come with pictures will take priority over those without pictures.  We will need at least four weeks to review your blog submission.

It is challenging to write a testimony in 500 words or less!  You will need to narrow down your testimony to one event because there’s not enough room in 500 words to tell your life’s story!  I realize there are many types of testimonies we could share here.  I am looking for miracle stories.  Just tell us about one time when God matched your need with His power!  Be sure your blog testimony includes:

1.  A circumstance that challenged you

2. A miracle that only God could do–a miracle that changed EVERYTHING!

EXAMPLE:  Miracles do not need to be complicated!  For example, I have seen God do many miracles in my life.  If I wanted to submit my testimony story for this blog, I’d probably choose one story–the time that God multiplied chicken!  No kidding!  My husband and I brought home two beautiful Burmese teenage girls a couple years ago.  We had FIVE teenagers and I didn’t have enough chicken one night to feed everyone.  (Let’s just say I wasn’t used to calculating the amount of food we’d need for such a big, growing family).  My husband and I were going to skip the meat and just eat vegetables that night.  I passed the plate of chicken and told our five teenagers, “Hey guys.  Just one piece of chicken each, so there’s enough to go around.”  I passed the plate with six small pieces of chicken.  Imagine my surprise when all the kiddos had a piece and the plate came back to me with six pieces of chicken on it!  Glory to God!  What made this testimony “extra special” is that our girls were rescued from terrible circumstances in Burma.  One sneaked out of the country in the bottom of a fishing boat and the other in the trunk of a taxi.  Both girls said that they had meat only once a month in Burma. God made it plain to all of our children that night that He intended to meet every need!

So how many words was Hope’s testimony?  206 words!  If God has matched your need with His power, YOU have a story to tell!   If God is nudging your heart to share your testimony, you may submit your 500 word blog to

Submissions to History Maker Publishing:

Before submitting a manuscript to History Maker Publishing (HMP), please read the Home Page and the About Page so that you are familiar with HMP’s vision and publishing interests.  While we have some print editions, HMP is currently publishing only Ebooks. If you wish to submit a book manuscript, please send us a blog first.  Directions are above.

Note that our primary reader for both the blog and the publishing company is the mature Christian who loves to be actively challenged in his or her faith!  This reader longs to hear God, loves people, and walks with Him intimately in these last days. All submissions to HMP need to be formatted in Microsoft Word with the author’s contact information at the top left, double spaced in Times New Roman size 12 font, and attached to an email   sent to

For the Cross and the Christian in the Last Days

“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”

Revelation 12:11 (KJV)

© 2013 History Maker Publishing


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