I’m sure you’ve felt the change of season in the 21st century. Who hasn’t heard reports of natural disasters and violent words of accusation against Jesus, the cross, Jews, and Christians?  Jesus told us what was coming in the last days (see Matthew 24).  And here we are living out his history and seeing his predited signs and wonders.

How will the Christian survive all the evil in the last days?  Will we really overcome “the old dragon” satan?  How will Christians harvest souls for the Kingdom of Heaven in these last days?

The Apostle John wrote down God’s roadmap for the last days in Revelation 12:11:   And they overcame him (that old dragon the devil) by

1. The blood of the Lamb

2. The word of their testimony

3. Their willingness to die for Christ

And that’s what this testimony blog is ABOUT!  Look around and you will find true stories about:

1. Heroes Past

2. Heroes Present

3. Heroes Slain (the marytrs)

And just to add a dash of comfort, I’m including testimonies of people who have seen heaven and lived to tell about it.  Don’t you want to know what heaven is like?

Come closer. Nestle your face against God’s cheek and you will hear Him whisper His secrets for overcoming evil in these last days. Don’t fear what others fear. Fear God. That’s it. Fear God.    Those who believe in Him will not be disappointed.

Hope Flinchbaugh,  History Maker Publishing

If you’d like to see  the inspiration for the beginning of my writing days, please go to my About Page at History Maker Publishing’s website.

For the Cross and the Christian in the Last Days

Revelation 12:11 (KJV)

© 2013 History Maker Publishing HMP@historymakerpublishing.com


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