Heroes Past and Heroes Present

Jesus said, "Unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven."Welcome to Testimony Stories!  Don’t you love the picture of the boys running in the clouds of heaven?  They look carefree and excited, don’t they?  Jesus told us that if we want to enter the kingdom of heaven, we need to become humble like a child.  The following stories are true.  They are written by ordinary people like you and me–people who dared to believe God and trust Him, as a little child trusts his or her father.  I hope these testimonies put the “dare” back into your heart!!

Winter of 2013, Pennsylvania

My youngest son and his wife (both 20 yr. olds) went to the YMCA to work out.  When they arrived at the gym it was very busy.  My son and his wife could not find a workout station available so they decided to go to the pool area and swim. All swim lanes were occupied at the large pool! My daughter-in-law noticed there was a man hanging in the corner of the one lane occupied and he was not swimming, Next thing she knew she was distracted and was looking over at another area of the aquatic center. The life guard had given them directions to swim at another area, and as they went past the regular pool she noticed that the man that was in the corner was now facedown down and floating in his lane.  A child went by them to the lifeguard and said there was a man drowned in the pool! My son and wife quickly went back to see if it was the guy that they had seen earlier.  Sure enough it was that very man.  Eventually, there was an emergency crew and police ministering to revive the drowning victim. After a while, approximately 20 minutes or so, the police office called the crew off the task and called for the coroner. My daughter in law felt horrible that this was the man that they had seen earlier, and decided that something HAD to be done for this man’s life! So together they got as close as they could to the man’s dead body – even though they couldn’t touch the body of the man – they ordered life back into the man’s body in Jesus’ name.  In a minute or two the man came back to life, rolled over and coughed.  The paramedics turned around to attend to the man and then rush him to the hospital!!  Well, my shocked son and wife didn’t know what happened to the man after this, but later decided to tell our Pastor Charles Stock at www.LCMI.org  their experience.  He was so pleased by their boldness that he told their story in church this Sunday AM.  Would you believe it? The ICU nurse that ministered to the drowning survivor was in the service and confirmed the miracle!! Their testimony is on our webcast!! Praise The Lord!! My dream of my family raising the dead has come true! Now it’s my turn and yours!  – blessings & Joy!!- Deborah


Fall of 2012, India, a Friend on Facebook Reports

I got home late and got the news that a little 8 yr old girl is being prepared for child sacrifice to an idol today at 4:30pm.  We rushed against time and against dark hearted people to snatch her back for life.

Then she reports at 9:38 pm

I will update as soon as we know ourselves.  We are still waiting desperately and not doing so well at it.  His love has to win.  Thank you all faithful family for standing with us.  Standing is all we can do right now.  We will let you all know.  If you repost keep our name out of it please.

The next day this dear Christian reports:

Precious family of God please continue to fight for this child.  They have taken her to another state to do the evil ceremony.  As soon as they are suspected she will get rescued. Pray that our son would be led by Holy Spirit when to step in and rescue. Its a life and death situation for the child and for our son . . . God has to rescue both.

A few days later this report comes in:

I just got off the phone with my son Peter (not his real name) and here is what happened in short. (I cannot give out more details, sorry).  No, he could not rescue that one girl.  Instead, he found out there were 60 girls that were being prepared for sacrifice.  My son and his friends went to the police station and informed them of what is going on at the temple. The police thankfully did not ask for their names or identity. The sacrifice was stopped, no arrest made due to high powered political/religious people being involved.
God was faithful to direct my son and his friends out of the state safely. They are home now.  What did we learn from this ?!!! God’s rescue looks so different than ours.  Here I was crying out for that one little girl to be rescued, along with all of you, and yet Christ was weeping over 60 little girls.  Ahhh, the Love of God how massive can it be ?!! Lets rejoice that He always will let His love win so stunningly, so shockingly!!!  Thank you each of you for standing, for standing firmly with us.  With our son, we kiss your faces with gratefulness!!!


My name is Hope Flinchbaugh and I hope you will take the dare to humble yourself like a child and believe God for the impossible! Hope Flinchbaugh,  History Maker Publishing